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Submersible Pump Installation & Service

Drilling the hole is only the beginning of your fresh water supply.

The installation and service of Submersible Pumps is often the next step once your hole has been drilled. To ensure you get the most from your well, you will require a professionally installed pump. The ongoing health and success of your water well is determined by who services the well and how often, so we recommend working with an experienced and certified company (like David Beatt Borrteknik!).

Normally, a submersible pump will need to be installed in the borehole directly upon completion of the drilling work. At David Beatt Bortteknik, we can assist with all types of pump work from recommending installation experts we've worked with before, to all the prep work done pre-installation, including calculations, volume, pressures etc.

We strongly recommend that a protective borehole screen and liner is installed, before any pump installation takes place. This will allow a trouble-free retrieval of the pump if/when required in the case of maintenance or replacement in the future, saving you money in the long run.

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