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Welcome to David Beatt Borrteknik AB 

a professional, experienced and reliable borehole drilling contractor in Scotland

As a family run business with 15 years experience, we are flexible - we pride ourselves on providing innovative and cost effective solutions for every project, as our clients range from single dwellings to large industries. We provide the following services to our customers’ particular needs:

  • Borehole hole prognosis
  • Water well drilling
  • Submersible pump installation and service
  • Water well maintenance
  • Water filtration and purification (iron, manganese etc.)
  • Ground source heating
  • Geo-energy wells
  • Limited access locations

The business is based in the south of Sweden, known for its diverse and complex geological conditions.

Since 2008 we are also active in the U.K, mainly Scotland – in Aberdeenshire, Fife and Tayside, as well as in the highlands and islands.

The company CEO, David Beatt, is a native Scot.

We have built our reputation up on the level of service provided, expertise in our field, knowledgeable and reliable staff and value for money.

All works are undertaken by our own in house team of engineers, using state of the art machinery.

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Our Services

Borehole Hole Prognosis from Borrteknik Drilling Scotland

Borehole Hole

Planning your project from start to finish. Get the best results from your borehole.

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Water Well Drilling Scotland - DB Borrteknik AB

Water Well

Experts in finding a sustainable and safe supply of fresh clean water.

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Submersible pump & installation - Borrteknik Borehole Contractor Scotland

submersible pump
install & Service

Our projects often include the installation of a submersible pump.

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Water Well Maintenance & Installation Scotland - Borrteknik

Water Well

Every so often your water well and borehole will require maintenance.

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Water Filtration & Purification with full water quality analysis - DB Borrteknik Drilling

water filtration
& purification

After drilling and pump testing, we provide samples and full well water quality analysis

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Ground Source Heat Pump Installation from Borrteknik Borehole Drillers

Ground Source

Installation for ground source heating and cooling systems for private and commercial projects.

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RHI Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme - Earn money back on your ground source heat pump with Borrteknik Drillers

Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme

We have seen multiple customers invest heavily and end up making significant money.

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Geo thermal energy wells from Borrteknik Borehole Drillers Scotland

Geo Thermal
Energy Wells

We can assist with borehole design, installation
and thermal response testing.

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