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Water Well Maintenance

Looking after your water well will ensure a quality water supply for years to come

Water Well Maintenance is crucial to maximising the life of your water well.

Our team at David Beatt Borrteknik provide water well drilling across Scotland with our modern drilling equipment, but like all boreholes, occasional maintenance is required to keep things ticking along. The kind of maintenance water wells require will can include anything from a straightforward cleaning, to jetting, pump servicing, replacement parts etc.

Regular maintenance intervals will keep the well flowing for years. 

My water well has dried up; can you fix it? 

If your existing well has run-dry, there are a few things we could do to get it flowing again. One option would be a hydraulic fracture process, also known as fracking. This is a standard well stimulation technique whereby we use high pressure water to create micro-cracks in the rock deep underground and hopefully free up some more water for you. This process has been around since the 50s.

This process requires professional skills and years of experience, and we do not undertake it lightly. The team here have been doing projects like this for years so we're confident in making recommendations for your water well.

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