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Water Well Drilling

The water you need, when you need it, delivered at the right pressure

Water Well Drilling has become our speciality after many years in the industry. It's becoming very popular and is a great eco-friendly way of supplying water to your home for years to come.

What is a water well? 

A water well is a structure created in the ground through drilling to provide access to groundwater located deep underground (usually a minimum of 50m). Our modern drilling rigs can drill down to around 200metres, which means we can reach water reservoirs that others simply can't. The water itself is drawn up to the surface with a water pump which the team at David Beatt Borrteknik can advise on. We work with a select few water pump installers, and are more than happy to recommend someone for your particular project and liaise directly with them to get the best results.

Is my land suitable for water well drilling? 

We will determine if your land is suitable on our initial visit. We always carry out a geological survey upfront to determine what the land is like before drilling can begin. We will then carry out a borehole prognosis to map out the ideal drilling plan for optimum results. This prognosis can draw on data gathered from boreholes in your surrounding area, and could dramatically impact the approach we take with your project. In smaller, single-dwelling house installations, a borehole prognosis will likely not be necessary.

Why choose David Beatt Borrteknik for your water well drilling project in Scotland? 

Our knowledge and experience of drilling water wells through various geological conditions ensures that we can provide you with a sustainable supply of safe water of the highest quality possible. With over 15 years experience in Scotland, our family-run business has become very familiar with the Scottish terrain, from the rocky highlands, to boggy lowlands, so we're confident we can recommend the best drilling solution for your needs.

Our team are equipped with modern drilling rigs, which can drill to depths in excess of 200m and can complete a well in a variety of diameters from 100mm to 300mm. So even if someone else has turned you away, it's worth a call to us to see if we can accomplish what our competitors could not. Our drilling equipment is maintained to the highest standards to comply with Health and Safety legislation which makes the drilling process more efficient, minimising disruption and disturbance.

Thanks to our skilled team and advanced equipment, we can provide water wells for a variety of clients, including:

  • domestic water supply wells
  • industrial water supply wells
  • agricultural water supply wells
  • irrigation wells

Other services we provide, which could be paired with a water well drilling project include:

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David Beatt Borrteknik AB would be happy to quote for all your Water Well Drilling requirements.

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