Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme - Earn money for your  ground source heat pump, Borrteknik Drilling Scotland

Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme

Get rewarded for your renewable heating system

Since 2014 the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme has been rewarding homeowners, social landlords, self-builds and non-domestic owners for their renewable heating systems. We have seen multiple customers invest heavily in their ground source heat pumps, and end up making significant money through this scheme, so this is a no-brainer.

This is a government-backed scheme, administered by Ofgem.

Key points on the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme:

  • Only certain types of renewable heating systems will make you eligible for the scheme, including ground source heat pumps which we can install.

    What renewable heating systems are eligible for RHI? 

  • You will earn money based on the amount of renewable heat produced by your Ground Source Heat Pump, which produce on average 3 - 4kWh of renewable heat for every 1kWh of electricity consumed.

    Free Calculator: how much you could earn through the RHI Scheme?

  • Commercial, public, and industrial properties can apply for a non-domestic RHI. This includes large and small businesses, schools, community heating schemes and more.

The expert team at David Beatt Borrteknik AB will advise if your property is suited for an eco-friendly ground source heat pump which uses renewable geo-energy, and the ideal size for your needs. Based on this information, we then work out how much money you can make on the RHI scheme.

We use superior Wassara drilling technology which means we can normally drill where standard air drills would fail, and we can reach depths exceeding 300m, although 200m are more standard for Scotland. So it's well worth a call even if you've had other drillers attempt installation in the past.

How much money can I get from the RHI Scheme? 

As a rule of thumb, you could earn around £15,000 through the RHI scheme, and save up to £500 in heating bills.

However, it depends on the size of ground source heating pump you choose, and how efficient it is as a model. We can work out how much you'll make after we've visited the site and worked out what size of pump is ideal for your property.

And don't forget to factor in the added savings you'll make on fuel if you switch from a standard heating system to a ground source heat pump instead.

For ground source heat pumps, like the ones installed by David Beatt Borrteknik AB, the Energy Saving Trust has estimated an rhi support income of around £3000 a year for houses best suited to the installation of a ground source heat pump.

Reduce your carbon footprint and reduce fuel bills with an energy-efficient ground source heat pump, and you'll end up making money over time!

Head over to our page on Ground Source Heat Pumps page to see more benefits of this renewable heating system, alongside the RHI scheme income.

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